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The Median Salary of a Physician Assistant last 2010 (accdg. to BLS) is at the $84K range. There are several factors that can increase a PAs salary and these includes experience, training, and location.

While the average Physician Assistant salary is at $80 grand, it can go as low as $55K in the lower end and as much as $110K+, which is being made by the top 10%.

You can just imagine that in about 5 years as a Physician assistant you’ll be able to make $400,000(less taxes) which is a lot of money.

The Physician Assistant Salary by Specialty also Changes

Because Physician Assistants can easily change specialties(another advantage over Physicians), you can easily become an Orthopedic PA, a Surgical PA, a Neurosurgical PA, etc.

With the proper training and education, you can easily focus on more specialized areas of medicine and surgery, if that is what you want.

For starters, you can specialize in Orthopedic surgery and medicine.

The Orthopedic Physician Assistant Salary average is Ninety Five Thousand, Eight Hundred Ten Dollars ($95,810)*.

If you are excited in a career that deals with bloods and operation, they you might want to become a Surgical Physician Assistant.

The Surgical Physician Assistant Salary is around Ninety Three Thousand, Eight Hundred One ($93,801).

The Physician Assistant Salary is heavily dependent on Location

Where you decide to live and work would have a great affect on salary that you will earn.

It’s best to look for a job first, accept the job that you like and then relocate to that area or near that area to reduce your costs of living and save more income for yourself and your family (if you have one).

Remember that the Physician Assistant Salary by State varies.

Although some states have higher earning potentials for a PA, the cost of living and travel to that area might also be higher.

In my opinion, it’s best to decide where you want to work, and why. I would still choose an area with a lower pay as long as it’s where I want to live and work. But of course the decision is not only based on these factors, there are many factors that you alone can decide.

Here are the Some States with Great Pay for PAs

CA – The Average Physician Assistant Salary in California is Eighty Five Thousand, One Hundred Sixty One Dollars ($85,161). It is 6% below the national average*.

FL – The Average Physician Assistant Salary in Florida is Eight Six Thousand, Nine Hundred Seventy Eight Dollars ($86,978) which is 3% below the national average*

TX – The Average Physician Assistant Salary in Florida is Eight One Thousand, Four hundred Forty Six dollars ($81,466) which is 10% below the national average*.

NY – And probably one of the highest places (cost of living is high too) that have higher salary for PAs is NY. The Ave. Physician Assistant Salary in New York is Ninety Five Thousand, Two Hundred Twenty One dollars ($95,221) which 6% above the natl. average. Not bad for the apple city.

What if you are just starting out?

The Average Physician Assistant Starting Salary ranges from $60,000 – $77,000 depending on your experience, education and negotiation skills.

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